I am delighted to announce that in 2012, I will be co-leading several workshops and tours with my dear friend, Don McGowan of EarthSong Photography. Don and I share both a passion for the outdoors and similar teaching philosophies.

What We Do and Why We Do It:

We have found that people choose a nature photography workshop experience for two primary reasons:
They want to know the beautiful places of our world in an up close and personal way; that is, they love nature; and
They want to learn and to express the fullest extent of their creative passions through the medium of nature photography with the guidance of dedicated and caring teachers.
Our goal at Earth Song Photography Workshops is to share our love of nature with each participant by giving them the chance to experience some of America's most beautiful natural places. But more than sharing nature, it is our purpose to offer each participant every opportunity to explore their imagery at the deepest core of their creative selves-as artists and as individuals-and to foster the skills that will make meaningful that exploration.
Nature photography, as with any creative endeavor, is a blending of art and craft. One does not suffice without other. It is this merging of the two that is the very essence of creativity; and when craft becomes second nature, artistic expression flourishes. EarthSong Photography Workshops are designed so art and craft are explored in such measure that the heart finds freedom to achieve its fullest expression; for we believe an open heart is the key to open eyes, and it is with the heart we most clearly see the world of images around us. It is our understanding that the more we allow ourselves to connect with the world of nature, through our direct experience and awareness of that world, the more readily the world of nature reveals itself to us through all of our lenses of perception, whether of glass or otherwise. If you are looking for a heart-centered photographic experience of nature's beauty that brings together both art and craft, we invite you to join us.

2012 Workshop & Tour Schedule

March 24-30:
Savannah, GA;
Tuition-$1,250; Participants-12

March 31-April 6:
Charleston, SC;
Tuition-$1,250; Participants-12
Photographic Tour

April 14-20:
Smokies/BRP, NC/TN;
Tuition-$1,250; Participants-12

June 1-3:
Spring Wild Flowers and the Intimate Landscape
Lake Placid, NY
Tuition: $500 (Includes all meals); Participants-8

June 9-15:
Acadia NP/Mount Desert Island, ME
Tuition-$1,250; Participants-12

Adirondacks High Peaks Splendor,
Lake Placid, NY
Tuition: $1,050; Participants- 12

September 29- October 5:
Upper Peninsula, Ml;
Tuition-$1,250; Participants-12
Photographic Tour

October 13-19:
Acadia NP/Mount Desert Island, ME;
Tuition-$1,250; Participants-12

John DiGiacomo
Placid Times Photography
225 Algonquin Drive
Lake Placid, New York 12946
(516) 993-7478

Don McGowan
EarthSong Photography Workshops
29 Stony Ridge
Asheville, North Carolina 28804
(828) 788-0687
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