Adirondack Photo Tours
I lead single and multi-day tours throughout the Adirondack Park. If you have always wanted to photograph in the Adirondack Park but are not sure of where to go, why not consider arranging a private tour. A private tour is ideal for individuals who would like to receive one on one attention or work on some specific techniques. Additionally, you may want to consider arranging an outing with a couple of friends or for your camera club. I can accommodate up to 10 participants.
I am happy to design a program specifically for the needs of any group, whether camera club, vacation buddies, family outings, whatever. Your group can tailor the locations to your whim, or let us pick the very best spots for any given set of circumstances. I can accommodate interests in landscape, macro, wildlife and other subjects. Interested in classroom-style instruction on a specific topic? I can help with that too. You choose!
Pricing and other considerations are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me at either or at (516) 993-7478 for pricing guidelines and help in designing your program

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